UNHabitat World Habitat Day

We are exhibiting at the world habitat day with the theme of Municipal Solid Waste Management

the Secretary General for UNHabitat Madam Maimunah didn't make to our exhibition as the security was tight since our President was present so they took him on a straight path only visiting the few stands on his path. Nevertheless we had a 10min walk with her as we talked about solid Waste management as did recon she is fully aware of the machine in Penang.  She was quite happy and surprised when I greeted her " Selamat Pagi " (Good Morning in malay)

She was heading for another meeting and she asked me walk and talk. Very healthy talks and we have a followup meeting for action based on here speech.

With regard to the theme of Management of Solid Waste we have to Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle as this was her call to action to the world. Our technology squarely fits in these 4Rs and we have a big story to tell in all our areas using the technology

Later on I had the opportunity to address the delegates as a panellists with regard to what we are doing to mitigate climate change using our Composting machine and how we are taking the call to action forward

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