Mosquito Repellant


Indoor & Outdoor Solutions

for Aedes Mosquito Control

Mosquito Home has two sections. Firstly is to manipulate their basic feeding requirement, to develop the Mosquito Baiting formulation. Secondly is to make full use of their skip ovi-position characteristic, using the female as mechanical vector to cross contaminate their breeding sites that are beyond our detection. We are using Insect Growth Regulator hormone (IGR) that works effectively at very low concentration, as well as the special eggs bearing female mosquitoes’ attractant for Mosquito Aqua formulation.


Simple, target specific & no negative impact at all for the environment.
Preserve the natural enemy of Aedes. i.e. dragonflies, predator elephant mosquitoes, ants, spiders, praying mantises, lizard, birds & frog. Keeping these natural biological control agents shall be beneficial for the long term successful vector control.
Long term sustainability to suppress the mosquito population systematically.
Eco-friendly & pollution free - no chemical being releases into the air nor the environment.
Economical and no chemical resistance issue even at long run.
Developed with 99.996% natural organic ingredients.

MOZONE Mini Spray Aerosol

is a paradigm shift new generation and environmental friendly mosquito control mini spray that is very versatile, portable, indoor & outdoor uses  (as mosquitoes are everywhere anytime now) and highly effective, and perfectly fits into high demanding consumers’ need very well, especially when high quality mosquito control really matters.

It has the combination of electric liquid vaporizer, which is almost odorless and very clean with prolonged mosquito free protection during usages, as well as the immediate fast action of the aerosol spray efficacy.

Top TEN Key Features & Benefits of MozOne Mini Spray for Consumers:

  • Effective & fast action against all type of mosquitoes
  • Nano tech slow release technology
  • Non-oily & non staining, clean formulation
  • Odorless & non-irritating
  • Metered valve – Accurate dose
  • No wastages
  • Longer lasting (830 sprays @ 50g)
  • Value for money , significant cost saving for all consumers
  • Versatile with various applications, indoor or outdoor, compacted & portable
  • No heating element needed, no external power needed