“Hygeco+ care about healthy for your loved ones and those you care about. It eliminates the bacteria and virus around you.”

Hygeco+ Spray (20ml)

  • Anti – Fungal
  • Anti – Bacterial
  • Anti – Algae
  • Anti – Microbian

Hygeco+ Organic Hygiene Spray (95ml)

  • Non – sticky and non – oily

  • Does not stain clothing

  • Protect from bacterial growth

  • Nature and water based formula

  • Alcohol and fragrance free

  • Convenience and easy to use

Anti – Microbial is widely used for blocking the growth of fungi, bacteria a algae. Anti bacterial spectrum is enormous and effective on many microorganisms.

Anti-Microbial does not destroy the nucleus of microorganism but it only breaks the outside membrane of these cells of microorganism and blocking composition of protein DNA. As those microorganism of which composition is blocked, will extinct due to lack of nutrition required for its growing.
  • Japan Food Research Laboratories certified is safe to use, harmless to skin & eyes
  • Suppress and block the growth of most of the bacteria which can caused Allergy & Asthma
  • Japan Food Research Laboratories certified is safe to use, harmless to skin & eyes

Hygeco+ Certified Test

– Mold Resistivity Test かび抵抗性試験

– Anti Microbial Test MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) 抗菌力試験 MRSA

– Anti Microbial Test O-157 抗菌力試験 O-157

– Anti Microbial Test Legionella 抗菌力試験 レジネオラ

– Primary Skin Irritation Test in Rabbits ウサギを用いた皮膚一次刺激性試験

– Skin Sensitization Test in Marmot Using Maximization Methodモルモットを用いたMaximization法による皮膚感作性試験

– Eye Irritation Test in Rabbits ウサギを用いた眼刺激性試験

– Cytotoxicity Test Using AP-W Fungicide V79 Cellsアピザス防かび剤のV79細胞を用いる細胞毒性試験

– Acute Oral Toxicity Test in Mice マウスを用いた急性経口毒性試験

– Dioxins Quantitative Analysis ダイオキシン類の定量

– Dioxins Quantitative Analysis 変異原性試験

– Acute Toxicity Test in Himedaka Fish ヒメダカによる急性毒性試験